Welcome to my commission guide. here you will be able to find all of the information that you will need to too purchase a one of a kind portrait of your pet. All of my portraits are traditionally hand drawn using the finest art materials. 10s to even 100s of hours can go into a portrait which equates to a beautiful piece of art that will be treasured for many years to come.

A 50% security deposit of full retail price is required before drawing is commenced. This deposit is non-refundable. Should you need to contact me for more information, my email address is

Secure your 50% deposit for a portrait commission!

Small / Medium Sizes

11" x 14"

25cm x 35cm
$ 500
  • Single Subject | Head & Chest
  • Bump up to next size for 2+ subjects
  • Secured Shipping included

12" x 16"

30cm x 40cm
$ 700
  • Head & Chest | Full Body
  • +25% for additional subjects
  • Secured Shipping Included

16" x 20"

40cm x 50cm
$ 900
  • Head & Chest | Full Body
  • +25% for additional subjects
  • Secured Shipping Included

Large Sizes

18" x 24"

45cm x 60cm
$ 1200
  • Head & Chest | Fully Body
  • Suitable for 2+ Pets
  • Secured Shipping included

20" x 30"

50cm x 75cm
$ 1500
  • Head & Chest | Full Body
  • Suitable for 2+ pets
  • Secured Shipping included

27.5" x 39"

70cm x 100cm
$ 1800
  • Full Body
  • Suitable for 3+ Subjects
  • Secured Shipping included

How to Order

Photos – Email your favorite phots of your pet. Make sure the photos are of highest possible quality. The more photos you can send the better. Photos are not required upon booking but are one month before I start your commission.

Size – Confirm the size you would like for your portrait. I am able to take custom size requests that are not posted in the pricing table above.

Timeline – Indicate when you would like your portrait completed. There may be a waiting list so I will try to schedule your portrait in the best time slot.

Deposit – Once the above are discussed and finalized, an invoice for the 50% deposit will be sent out to secure your booking. Once all of this is completed you are all set on track to receive your hand drawn piece of art!

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